Friday, 21 August 2015

Seminar on Cyber Awareness @Nalbari College

   If you can't let a guy to click a photo of you on the road, then why do you post online !!!

   Cyber Awareness seminar @Dept. of Physics, Nalbari College On 13-08-2015 By our NGO(CYBER FOCUS)....We are thankful to Principal, Faculties, Students for making this seminar a memorable one. We are obliged to Physics Forum for organizing this seminar.

Sexually inappropriate manner

       Two same picture was taken in two different cities where man behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner towards woman of foreign held. First was in Mumbai and the second happened in Guwahati yesterday.
       Firstly, my request is--- don’t blame India because of some coward people around.  Secondly, Many experts give advices to our girls for their safety, tell them about safety tips. Culprits shall be punished. Unless we haven’t change their mental illness for good, no safety tips are safe…

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rising Price of Foods

           I bought yesterday Daal over 100rs. Per KG. You get no vegetables below rs. 40-50 per KG. Because of these high prices of foods and vegetables, everyone struggles. For a poor family, their struggling ends with disastrous.
            There are number of factors that are responsible for food price volatility. Weather, food and energy demand, political factors in the individual countries and regions of the world. Besides, rising cost of cultivation, cost of labour, the culture of mandis, changing food habits, excess buffer stock of food grains, improper storage facilities etc. are the other factors for high food prices. Greed of the hoarders plays a key role to the high vegetables price. Above all financial speculators are responsible for rising global food prices.
             When prices are up, poor family of this country struggles the most. For food, they cut off their other needs, such as clothes, shelter, medicines, books for their children. People start reducing the quality of foods they eat. That means less fruits, less vegetables, less meat. This impact their intake of vitamins and protein, which can be harmful. India has 30% people under the poverty line. Among all necessity food comes in number one. Food plays a key role in education too. Poor parents may pull their kids out of school, setting them to work for food.    
            Make in India, 100 smart cities projects are the good initiatives taken by our PM Narendra Modi. India’s vision a developed country by 2020. When these 30% can eat a happy meal, that day India will be a developed country.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

RIP Sir Abdul Kalam

          Black Day for India. First terrorist attack in Punjab where Punjab's SP Baljit Singh died in the gunbattle with terrorists. I salute to the brave soul. May his soul rest in peace.

          On the other hand, A great Muslim died on an auspicious day of Hindus in Christian city. People's President, Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam passes away in Shillong. You will be the source of inspiration among youths forever. I salute to the Legendary Soul.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Seminar on Cyber Awareness @Nalbari

Seminar on Cyber Awareness @Assam Valley Academy Junior College On 11th July-15....Organized by Our NGO(Cyber Focus)

Musical Show

We were very successful with our cultural program at our village@sandheli